Hear what our customers are saying about us!

"The guys at Smolic Tire are some of the best I've ever dealt with! Not only did they take care of me quickly, but the mechanic working on my car took the time to show me what the problem was, explained to me what was needed to repair the problem and discussed with me the price for the work. I was shocked that my bill was not higher!! They truly are honest, hard-working, and considerate to their customers. I will definitely be back for any of my cars needs!" Joe D.

"Best shop around! From the guy in the office, Dan, to the mechanics in the back, they are top notch. I actually enjoy taking my car in and having a chat with these guys. I'm never worried about the cost and know the work will be done right!" John D. 

"My family and I have been taking our vehicles to Smolic's for years now and I trust them completely! I know a lot of people dread taking their car in for repairs and wondering if the price is right. At Smolic's, I'm never concerned. Everyone in our family knows that we can drop our cars off and tell them to fix whatever is needed. We know they are some of the best in the business and have never been disappointed. I will continue to recommend them to everyone!" Tony G.

"I'm surrounded by a number of auto shops offering "the best service and prices". I literally drive almost 30 minutes out of my way to have my car serviced by Smolic Tire in Rock Creek. Those guys are the best in the business and I can always trust what my mechanic there, John, tells me. He is straight up, honest and goes out of his way to make sure I am taken care!" Dave P.

"My car broke down on the freeway and I was referred to Smolic Tire by a friend who has his car taken care of by them. Being that my car is older, I'm constantly having issues and have been to several other auto repair shops. I was worried, that once again, I would have a number of things that needed fixed and concerned that I would not be able to afford it. When we got to the shop, the mechanic, a guy named "Z" looked at my car and then called me into the shop with him. He showed me step by step what the problem was and explained to me the work that needed done. I told him I wasn't sure that I could afford it and was worried I'd be without a car until I could (not to mention, being a women, I was worried I'd be taken for a lot I didn't need). This guy, "Z", went out of his way to write down everything I needed and price it. He told me what was necessary to have done now if I planned to drive the car and what I could hold off on. He told me, call around and get prices from other shops so I could compare. He even allowed me to leave my car there while I did. I could not believe how much more other shops wanted to charge...some even told me I would need to have all the work done at once! Needless to say, Smolics was by far, the best on their prices and their service. I had him do what I needed now and will, no doubt, have them do the rest of the work when I have the money....I will never go anywhere else!" Susie S.