Smolic Tire is proud to be one of the leading family owned and operated businesses in our community. For more than 20 years, Smolic Tire has been servicing the automotive needs of those in the Cleveland area. Pave (Paul) Smolic turned his talent for fixing cars into a thriving generational business for his family that has been serving the community for over twenty years.


In 1975, with the hopes of making a better life for his young wife and three small children back home in Slunj, Croatia, Pave made his way to the United States from a war devastated Yugoslavia. With the help from some native Croatians and following a year of hard labor jobs, little sleep, and even less pay, Pave was reunited with his family in 1976. His wife, Kate, arrived in the United States with his eldest son, Zdenko, daughter, Zdenka, and son Milan (Mel). 


While a significant language barrier left the family at a disadvantage early on, Paves dedication to hard work allowed him to settle into a career as a automotive mechanic at a local shop. At the same time, his family was continuing to grow as they welcomed the arrival of heir 3rd son, John, followed a few years  later with the addition of their youngest son, Stanley in 1981. With 5 children now, and that same dedication to hard work, Kate too obtained employment. For more than 20 years she worked nights at a local factory and tending to her children by day. 


Less than 10 years after they immigrated, Pave and Kate purchased the old ScoreBoard property on East 200th Street in Cleveland. With their family by their side, Pave and Kate opened Smolic Tire, Inc. Since that day Smolic Tire has emerged as one of the most respected names in the business. All the Smolic children continue to be part of the family business. From the day the doors opened to the day the doors close, Smolic Tire will be a business built from and based on the dedication and hard work of the Smolic family. With the understanding that our customers should be treated like our family, we offer high-performance servicing in a timely fashion at a fair price.

Smolic Tire: Honesty and Integrity